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The Hottest Crypto Products & Training

If you want to align yourself with a real company that offers real products that let you earn Bitcoin, this might be the most important website you’ve ever seen.

The Du It Bitcoin Network offers cryptocurrency education services and products that let you generate Bitcoin. Here are just some of the products and knowledge you’ll have access to:

How to launch your very own Bitcoin ATM busines

The complete step-by-step system to accept payments in Bitcoin at any store with point-of-sale machines

The best way to protect your cryptocurrency with secure hard wallets

The secret to earning Bitcoin, plus how to manage your investments and portfolio

Everything you need to know about investing in ICOs so you can 10x your money (plus how to spot a scam)

Join A Company That's Built To Last

When you sign up today, you’ll be able to stop being humiliated by fly-by-night operations that exist to steal your Bitcoin once and for all thanks to these powerful products and trainings. You’ll finally be able to participate in the cryptocurrency revolution and set yourself up for a Bitcoin-generating business for years to come.

You see, the Du It Bitcoin Network is celebrating its one-year anniversary. Our other direct sales company has been around for six years, and parent company DGA Global has existed for over a decade. We’ve been providing business systems and support to marketers and entrepreneurs like yourself for the better part of 20 years.

We are the ONLY Bitcoin network out there that has real products for you to use and offer your prospects.

Imagine the next few years – Are you going to spend them feeling shame and regret because you were too late to the cryptocurrency boom? Or are you going to spend the next few years building real wealth in the new crypto economy with products and services that will serve you for a long time to come?

Educate. Protect. Expand.

These are the 3 Pillars of Success that we believe are essential to building a successful business in the cryptocurrency indrustry.

With the Du It Bitcoin Network you’ll be able to shake off the terror of investing your hard-earned money in scam operations and get access to real products that provide education, protection, and opportunities to expand like:

Essential knowledge and education about cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency hard wallets

Bitcoin POS machines

Bitcoin ATM mcahines

Listen, there’s a lot of fake news out there about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. It’s a sad case of the “blind leading the blind” and thieves taking advantage of newbies. It’s not easy figuring out who you should believe and what opportunity is real.

How To Avoid Bitcoin Scams

Let us make it easier for you. Any Bitcoin business opportunity you’re considering investing in should be able to pass this 2-question test:

1. Does the business offer real products you can sell and/or use?
A lot of businesses out there don’t even offer any products and those that do offer no training whatsoever. Not only do we provide the hottest products in the industry, we’ll also teach you exactly how to use it to maximize your profit.

2. Does the opportunity promise you something for nothing?
The majority of these so called business opportunities promise a steady return on your money in exchange for you doing nothing. This is a huge red flag and if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already lost money to one or more of these types of scams. A real business requires determination and dedication and the Du It Bitcoin Network is no different.

Right Now You’re Probably Wondering What
These Products and Courses Cost…

.003 Bitcoin Level:

Intro To Cryptocurrency

Hearing a lot about Bitcoin and other currencies but still don't understand how it all works? This course will take you from 0 to racing with practical and simple training by our experts.

.03 Bitcoin Level:

How Initial Coin Offerings "ICO's" Can Make You A Fortune In Months

While much of the world is just learning about bitcoin, we teach you how to stay ahead of the game by capitalizing on coins/companies before they ever hit the public exchanges.

.3 Bitcoin Level:

Bitcoin Level Intro To Crypto Security & Management

While many companies try to avoid discussing hacking and security involving cryptocurrency, we believe in being proactive. This course will teach you how to protect your currency as well as how to manage this responsibly.
BONUS: This level includes a free "Leger Nano" hard wallet delivered straight to your door.

1 Bitcoin Level:

How To Start Your Own Bitcoin Point Of Sale Business From Home

There are so many companies that accept bitcoin as payment (like Subway, KFC, Expedia and Overstock to name a few). This training course prepares you to capitalize on this by being one of the first suppliers of Bitcoin Point Of Sale machines in your community.
BONUS: This level includes a free Bitcoin "Point Of Sale" machine.

3 Bitcoin Level:

How To Start Your Own Bitcoin ATM Business

In 2018 we are still in the very early stages of crypto adoption. This course goes into detail about how you can start your own Bitcoin ATM business and be one of the first movers.
BONUS: This level includes a free Bitcoin ATM machine.

Introducing A Ground-Breaking Comp Plan That Rewards You Daily...

When you refer others, you have the opportunity to make even more profit!

Earn 40% For Each Personal Referral, and through 5 levels deep. No more waiting for binary or matrix filling situations, you get enjoy daily commission payouts.

For those who are apart of our "Producers Club" you get 60% on each personal referral rather than 40%, and you can earn through 11 levels. We Pay our producers club members up to 11 Levels Deep. We encourage team building by awarding you commissions with unprecedented depth.

To join our producers club it’s only one time payment .3 bitcoin. You receive higher commissions and you get access to exclusiver training only for producers.

Contest Bonuses. We believe in rewarding people for their hard work by coming up with creative ways to give away more money for production.

If you apply yourself, take the time to go through the courses, use one of the ready-to- go businesses we’re offering and refer others, your potential to generate Bitcoin is limitless.

Get ready for a stable, wealth-generating business opportunity that will set you up for years to come and install yourself in the new crypto economy with the Du It Bitcoin Network.

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